Aug 01st week Summer Camp

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DATE: Aug-5th to Aug-9th from 10:00AM to 1:00PM

SKILL LEVEL: All Levels/Ages 7-13 Years

OBJECTIVES: Enjoy the summer! while learning basic baking and decoration skills plus how to plan a Bake Sale!

DESCRIPTION: Kids will learn how to bake and decorate cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, brownies and donuts. Every kid will receive a recipe book and an apron.

MATERIALS INCLUDED: Water, healthy snacks and all materials are included.




Monday August 5, 2019

All about COOKIES! (Chocolate Chip, Decorated Sugar Cookies and Snickerdoodle cookies)

10:00 Welcoming (signatures, package with apron, recipes, schedule) Read all 3 recipes and start baking….

11:30 While cookies are in the oven….. lunch and prepare for Bake Sale

Objectives, cause, work on art projects, signs, prices, brand, theme, etc.

12:00 Decorate Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing. Learn how to make royal icing and how to decorate a cookie.

1:00    Pick up

Tuesday August 6, 2019

Everything POP (cake pops, brownie pops)

10:00  learn how to follow a recipe, how to measure and follow directions to bake a delicious yellow cake.

11:00  Learn how to follow a recipe, how to measure and follow directions to bake brownies from scratch!

11:30  Lunch: while continue working on bake sale planning.

12.00  Learn how to make cake pops, how to make the dough, cover in chocolate and decorate! Decorate Brownie pops with chocolate and sprinkles.

1:00   Pick up

Wednesday August 7, 2019

Let´s have CAKE (Cake in a Cup, cupcakes)

10:00  Learn how to follow a recipe, measure and follow directions to bake chocolate cupcakes and a sponge cake)

11:00 Learn how to deconstruct a cake and preparing a Cake in a Cup.

11:30 Lunch and bake sale planning

12:00 Learn how to cover and decorate cupcakes with buttercream.

1:00 Pick up

Thursday August 8, 2019

Everything Chocolate!! (Strawberries, rice Krispie treats, marshmallow)

10:00 Learn how to use chocolate, how to cover strawberries and marshmallows.

11:00 Learn how to make rice Krispie treats, how to decorate them.

12:00 Lunch and finishing last art, pricing and packaging for bake sale.

1:00 Pick up

Friday August 9, 2019

Sweet and Sour Goodbye! (puff pastry desserts and appetizers, donut decoration)

10:00 Learn how to use puff pastry for delicious desserts and appetizers. Prepare and bake palmieres, and turn overs.

11:30 Lunch

12:00 Decorate donuts

1:00 Pick up

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