Breaking News!!

Breaking News!!

Hi there!

We want to THANK YOU for your loyalty, for your patience and in many cases for your sincere FRIENDSHIP. For the past few weeks we have had inventory shortages because we have been going through internal changes in the company, but we are VERY HAPPY to announce that finally we are working on a GRAND OPENING! You will see a lot of changes in the store starting with a new name. We are now being called BAKERS BEST SUPPLIES and we will be announcing NEW PRODUCTS AND CLASSES in the coming days. Our NEW Mission is to contribute with our customers success; therefore, we will be working hard to keep the store well stocked and to offer you a GREAT experience. For all the news please FOLLOW US in social media as Bakers BEST Supplies and visit our website at

We also want to thank the Lopez family for their support and friendship, and we want to wish all the best to our friends at BakersBodega.

Stay tuned for more news!


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